At Gibraltar Trade Center, we recognize the contribution that non-profit organizations make to our communities. Their contribution of time, energy and money help improve the quality of life of so many of our neighbors.

Raising funds and awareness is always a challenge for organizations. Gibraltar Trade Center's would like to help by donating spaces in our Public Market to your organization.

For 30 years, many Metro Detroit non-profit organizations have taken advantage of this offer by holding, Garage Sales, Raffle Sales, Merchandise Sales etc. Through our Non-Profit Program, Gibraltar Trade Center's will donate two spaces, two times per year to your organization. In addition, Gibraltar Trade Center's will donate tables and chairs, along with up to Five Free Vehicle Passes (for your volunteers). Also, we will make announcements throughout the day on our Public Address System and pass out your printed handbills at our parking toll booths.

Need something on a larger scale? We will be happy to work with your organization to host an event in our 60,000 sq. ft. arena. Using all or just a part, this facility offers a box office, up to 7 private entrances, secure 24 hour a day, seven day a week availability, private restrooms and it's own food court. Unloading docks, multiple vendor doors, free carts for you and your participants are just a few of the amenities we offer.

We will be happy to meet with your representative and discuss tips to make your day, weekend or week a success! Please contact our Rental Office at least four weeks in advance to make reservations. 

Mt. Clemens 586-465-6440

We look forward to working with your organization!



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