Pow-Wow time is the Native American people's way of meeting together, to join in dancing, singing, visiting, renewing of old friendships and making new ones. This is the time to renew thoughts of old ways and to preserve a rich heritage.

Pow-Wow singers are very important figures in the Native American culture. Without them there would be no dancing. The songs are of many types, consisting of religion, war and social varieties. Many songs are still sung in native tongue either newly composed or revivals of old songs. These songs are reminders to the Indian people of their ways of rich heritage. Dancers have always played an important part of the life of the American Indian culture. 

Pow-Wows begin with the Grand Entry. This is the entry of all the people entering the arena. During the Grand Entry, everyone is asked to stand as the flags are brought into the arena. The flags carried generally include the US flag, tribal flags, POW flag, and eagle staff's of various tribes present. These are usually carried by veterans.

This event is usually held twice a year at both venues! If you want to experience Native Culture, ethnic food and great history then this is the place you want to be!

This event is hosted by the South Eastern Michigan Indians, Inc., S.E.M.I.I



Michigan Outdoor Market Mount Clemens 2017